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Jewelry armoires with mirror
almost 2 years ago

If you are like most women, you have a collection of jewels that, both for your identity and your clothes. Whether your jewelry claim is a necklace and three pairs of earrings or if you have hundreds of pieces of jewelry, these precious accessories will keep their appeal and may even last longer if stored.


You can do what some women do: hide all your jewelry in a box and follow the same tedious routine of finding the exact jewelry you want every morning, but this does not make the physical state of your jewelry good. And you could save valuable time spent searching for the right jewelry combination every time you have to dress. A better solution to this messy mess is to use a jewelry armoire, and what better option than a mirror?

Elegant, compact and well compartmentalized to accommodate different types and sizes of jewelry, a mirror jewelry armoire ensure that your jewelry is well maintained, secured and at your fingertips whenever you need them. Your mirror armoire can be elaborated and open for all to see and admire, or it can be discreet and well hidden from prying eyes. It is a piece of furniture that takes care of your jewelry organization like nothing else. Each small item enters its own space and can place as many jewels as necessary.


Why buying a jewelry armoire with a mirror is a good idea?


There are many benefits of owning a jewelry armoire and a mirrored armoire. Some of them are listed below.


  1. A mirror jewelry armoire is not simply another functional unit of furniture in the bedroom; It is also ornamental. As much as the armoire acts as storage furniture for your jewelry, it is also designed and could go through an accent. Also, you can choose how elegant you want the armoire to be or choose a simple and subtle design.


  1. It is compact enough to fit even in small rooms

 Most people avoid adding furniture in the bedroom because they simply have no space. But with a jewelry armoire, you won't sacrifice much floor space. When choosing a non-independent model, you will not need floor space for the armoire. And the independent models come in a compact design so they don't take up more space than necessary.


  1. Helps maintain an orderly appearance in the bedroom

Unlike large furniture, which can make a room look congested, a jewelry armoire is small. Most full-size mirror jewelry armoires are even much smaller than the average full-size sideboard, which should tell you that it will not have the uncontrolled look that large furniture sometimes gives.


  1. Light up the bedroom

Thanks to the reflected surface, your jewelry armoire will raise the brightness of your room at a few levels. The jewelry armoire with a standing mirror provides the greatest amount of brightness due to its larger glass surface. But even models with smaller mirror surfaces give a considerable amount of brightness.


  1. Reflect the light in the room

The mirrored part of the armoire reflects the light in the room and can improve the lighting of a room that is not so well lit. This works with both natural and artificial lighting.


  1. Add depth to your room

A jewelry armoire with a large mirror surface will add depth to the room. In small rooms, this can give the space the appearance of a much larger room.


  1. It is well organized

You won't need to organize the armoire anymore. It comes completely compartmentalized and offers different storage spaces for different jewels.


  1. Keeps all your jewelry well organized

If someone has ever expressed his dismay at how completely disorganized his jewelry is, get a mirrored armoire and prove he is wrong. What an armoire organizer does with clothes, the jewelry armoire does with jewelry. There are small compartments, drawers, ring holders, earring holders, hooks, shelves, bags and rails/bars that can hold all kinds of jewelry.


  1. The armoire is spacious enough to hold up to one hundred pieces of jewelry or more

Large mirror jewelry armoires can contain several hundred pieces of jewelry. But even the smallest will easily accommodate seventy or more different jewelry items.


  1. The armoire protects your jewelry from scratches and stains

The interior of the armoire is specially designed to provide maximum protection against scratches, stains, and discoloration that occurs when the jewelry is not well stored.


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