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Things to consider using an RV cover
about 2 years ago

If you are an avid fan of recreational vehicles, you probably want to get your trailer or motor home as often as possible. However, you often cannot go camping or you can only go out on the road once or twice a year. Understanding the importance of RV covers and when you should use them will help prolong the life of your RV, regardless of how often you use it.


Now that summer is blooming in most of the country, the owners of mobile homes and travel trailers in the United States are on the roads with full force. Most are not even thinking about what they plan to do when it is time to store their equipment in the fall. Now is the time to think about it, especially if you plan to use an RV or trailer cover.


There is a great debate about whether to use recreational vehicles (RV) and trailer covers. Those at the practice site have many problems, including moisture damage, mold, damaged finishes and bent frames. Supporters of the covers will insist that they have never had a problem. So here is the question: should you cover your RV or trailer, or should you leave it to the elements during the winter?


Consideration Reason for Use RV Cover


Why an RV cover and which one to buy?


They design covers for recreational vehicles to keep items and debris out of your trailer or recreational vehicle when not in use. Winter snow is one of the most important things to avoid your RV due to its weight and freezing and thawing conditions. If the melted water accumulates in the gaps and roof seams and then freezes, the pressure of that expanding water will attack the sealers and loosen its retention creating channels for the water to enter the RV.



Choosing the best waterproof rv covers is critical in these types of conditions. The sun's rays in warmer climates are equally harmful by decomposing sealants over time, creating areas for water to seep into the roof of the RV. Covers for recreational vehicles with maximum UV protection are the way to go in this scenario. Keeping other debris, such as leaves, pine needles and dirt out of your RV, can also keep it cleaner and ready to use.


Off season storage


Off-season storage is one of the most important times to use RV covers. When most people prepare the winter of their trailer or recreational vehicle in cold climates, they use antifreeze from recreational vehicles to prevent pipes from freezing or in hot summer climates that drain and disinfect the water system.


Remove the battery, cover the tires and take additional measures to protect your investment. Whether you are storing your RV inside or outside, the use of an RV cover will protect you from dirt, debris and items to reduce the need for repairs when it is finally time to return to camp.


Lack of long-term use


If you are a snowbird or a camper on vacation, your RV may remain inactive for many months in a row. Therefore, it is important to have it ready for when the time comes for that RV trip. An RV cover in these situations is a good idea, not only to keep that RV clean and like new, but also protected from the elements that can compromise the weather-resistant structure.


RV covers maintenance and precautions


Like most products, there are precautions and maintenance issues to consider when using a recreational vehicle cover. During use, ensure that the cover does not come into contact with sharp or abrasive objects. Pool noodles are excellent for protecting your cover from wear in areas that could cause a tear or tear.


Keep the cover as tight as possible to the RV to prevent the wind from blowing it and use a hole in the cover or cause damage to the paint. In humid climates, be sure to prevent water from accumulating on the roof by keeping the cover pressed against the surface, which will cause mold. A cover is not an item that you want to throw into your recreational vehicle and forget, always check the cover after a storm or strong winds re-insuring. Watch for wear and add protection where necessary.


Camping is one of those fun activities that create memories for everyone involved. However, if you do not take the right steps to protect your RV when it is not in use, those memories can be from large repair bills or cancellation of a great trip. Recreational vehicle covers are an essential accessory that everyone should protect to protect them from the elements and debris.

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